We Will Be Your Advocate

We Will Be Your Advocate

RSEA is your voice in the Louisiana Legislature and the National Congress on issues relating to retirement and healthcare.

Our Strategic Mission

Our Mission and Vision

At RSEA, our mission is to advance the quality of life for current and future retired state employees who have given their talents to the State of Louisiana. RSEA has a vision of being a powerful advocate for a healthy, socially active, productive and economically secure retirement for Louisiana State current and future retirees.

RSEA seeks to make a significant difference by:

Protecting and enhancing health and retirement benefits. 
We will sponsor and support appropriate retirement and health related legislation and keep members informed in a timely manner. We will continue to lobby the legislature on retirement and health related legislation. RSEA will coordinate legislation initiatives with other advocates. 

Enhancing social security and other federal and state benefits for retirees.
We will lobby to change federal legislation to allow all retirees to pay health and long term care insurance with pre-tax dollars. We will also lobby to repeal or modify Social Security offsets (WEP and GPO). RSEA will also make it a priority to help secure COLAs by sponsoring and supporting appropriate COLA legislation and keep members informed in a timely manner. We will continue to lobby the legislature on COLA legislation and coordinate legislation initiatives, as appropriate, with other advocates. 

Providing unique benefits to members
We will identify and maintain an informational program of available discounts, promotions and freebies. We will continue to have an ongoing evaluation of benefits provider contract. RSEA also recognizes an oustanding Chapter Member of the Year annually. We also effectively maintain a RSEA “Hall of Fame” for public servants who have made significant contributions to the employees and retirees of the State of Louisiana.

Promoting membership in RSEA
We plan to make presentations on RSEA at pre-retirement and post retirement seminars, and provide information booths relative to active state employees at various state government associations’ meetings and conferences. We also will meet with agency retirement liaisons and Conduct recruitment of new retirees. RSEA will provide information on RSEA to state agency new hires and conduct recruitment of new retirees. We will make these efforts in order to improve attendance at area chapter meetings. 

Keeping members and others informed of retiree issues and activities
Information will be published in a quarterly newsletter and presented at annual regional meetings
Conduct Annual Regional meetings. We will make efforts to recieve press coverage of our activities and activism. We also will develop and maintain an effective public relations plan. 

Providing opportunities for social interaction among members
RSEA makes it a priority to sponsor a statewide annual conference. We hold multiple chapter meetings per year as determined by Chapter Presidents.