Events and Meetings

Events and Meetings

2020 Virtual Conference

Grand Prize Winner
Maxine Pickens

Friday's Door Prize Winners
Susan LaVergne
Mary Arnold
Marilyn Dianne Barksdale
LeAnza Jordan

Thursday's Door Prize Winners
Lorraine A. Hickey
Edna M. Clark
Marie R. Hebert
Joan Haase

Wednesday's Door Prize Winners
Erma A. Harper
Mary Jena Cary
Beverly Hodges
Clara L. Scott

Tuesday's Door Prize Winners
Patsy V. Leger
Kerry Morris
Ronald Schneider
Maxine Pickens

Monday's Door Prize Winners
Linda T. Williams
Patricia Fey
Salvatore Marsala
Linda D. Blanchard

2020 Virtual Conference

1.    Governor’s address and Proclamation for Butch Gautreaux

2.    Gwen Thompson – President’s Address

3.    Bonita Hearne – Conference Chair’s Address

4.    Frank Jobert – Legislative Roundup

5.    Jimmy Anthony – State of the Association

6.    LASERS Update with Cindy Rougeou

7.    OGB Updates

a.    Non-Medicare Retirees

b.    Medicare Retirees

c.    Humana HMO

d.    Blue Cross

e.    Vantage Medicare Advantage

f.      Vantage Medical Home HMO

g.    People’s Health

h.    Access2DayHealth – Urgent Care Clinics, an OGB Benefit

8.    AARP

a.    Brain Health Video

b.    Brain Health Handout

c.    Exercise and Brain Health Handout

d.    Fraud and ID Theft Video

e.    Who to Contact about Fraud Handout

f.    How to become a Caregiver

g.    Prepare to Care Handout

h.    Live at Home Louisiana Video

9.  Office of the Attorney General – Fraud Podcast with Jeff Landry

10. Pennington Biomedical Research Center – Nutrition for the Elderly

11. LA Dept of Insurance - Updates and Medicare Information

a.    Video Update

b.    My Medicare Handout

c.    Medicare and Employer Coverage

d.    Turning 65 Flow Chart Flier

e.    SSA SEP Handout

12. Great West – Updates on Deferred Compensation Plans

a.  Deferred Compensation - Handout

b.    Deferred Compensation – Protect Your Savings Flier

c.  Contact Flier – Deferred Compensation

13. AMBA – Supplemental Insurance Products endorsed by RSEA

14. Jim Brown, former Secretary of State – Remembrances of State Service

15. St. Bernard Project’s -  Disaster Preparedness